theater rotterdam

we recently started working together with theater rotterdam on the opposite of us. there’s a special discount for our costumers when they would like to visit the theatre. if you’re going to a play there’s a special theatre dinner deal available at our canteen. the deal contains 2 dishes from our dinner menu for 25,-. we make sure you’ll be on time for at the theatre. book a table through our website

theater rotterdam creates special plays all year round: from tearjerker to excitement. mostly in rotterdam but also on tour through the netherlands and europe. “underworlds” is a play that can be seen from 19 till 21 october at theater rotterdam.

BVDS (Suzan Boogaerdt and Bianca van der Schoot) transforms the Ancient Greek tale of Psyche’s descent into the underworld into a new visual narrative about the development of humankind; the coming of age of the homo digitalis.
Old myths are reanimated by technological beings. During a rite of passage, accompanied by The Shadow Sisters, popular culture and Greek mythology blend together, merging ritual divination and archaic oracle texts with Instagram filters, reality-shift tutorials, and unicorns. UNDERWORLDS merges daydreams, nightmares, and gaming worlds, allowing the human body with all its virtual alter egos to find home in a non-binary multiverse.

theater rotterdam impressions